What steps are being taken by the company to recover the Doce River?


Samarco hired the international consultancy company Golder Associates to map environmental impacts and outline the action plan for the recovery of the Doce River. Samarco teams continue their dedication to the work performed on the banks of the Doce River.

As a preventive action, species of fish and crustaceans in the regions of Baixo Guandu, Colatina, Linhares and Aimorés were rescued and sent to other water courses with characteristics similar to their original habitat. The work is carried out with the permission and monitoring of IBAMA.

In Colatina, 150 thousand fish were rescued by the Noah’s Ark project, an initiative led by fishermen and supported by Samarco. The species were transferred to lakes in the region.

To clean the waterways, the dead fish are being collected, and the carcasses are sent to properly licensed landfills.

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