Samarco issues clarification about alternative sources of water abstraction in Governador Valadares


samarco esclarece

In Governador Valadares, Samarco built an alternative water intake system to feed the water treatment plant of Recanto dos Sonhos, including a 2.7 km water pipeline. This system, delivered to the local water utility company, SAAE, in November, allows the abstraction of raw water from the Suaçui Grande River. This project is part of the emergency response plan and can be used if there are any significant changes in the turbidity parameters of the Doce River, according to the procedures established with SAAE.

However, the resumption of normal water abstraction from the Doce River in Governador Valadares was rendered possible shortly after the accident when several independent laboratory analyses confirmed the potability of the water after normal treatment by SAAE. In addition, results of new tests performed by the Brazilian Geological Service (CPRM) and the National Water Agency (ANA), announced on 15 December 2015, prove that the current quality of the Doce River water is compatible with the results found before the passage of the turbidity plume. As such, the alternative water intake structure in Suaçui Grande remains available as an emergency option in case of need, and represents an additional asset to the city.

Samarco reiterates its commitment to providing support to the municipalities of the Doce River basin impacted by the passage of the turbidity plume and is ready to provide any further clarification and information through its communication channels.