Pelotas, Pátio de Estocagem de Ubu - 2014

Pellets, Ubu stockpile yard – 2014


Samarco values people because it understands that they make the difference in achieving goals, purposes and results. That’s why we invest in development and retention of professionals.

Since the rupture of the Fundão dam on November 5, 2015, Samarco operations have been paralyzed. In order to keep job vacancies opened to a maximum, Samarco has been carrying out a series of measures, such as paid leave, group vacations and layoff periods. It also implemented a Voluntary Resignation Program, aligned to the new size of the company, when resuming its activities.

On June 1, 2017, Samarco began the third layoff period. The joint proposal of Samarco and the unions was approved by the employees at meetings held in April, and understood as the best solution for the maintenance of jobs at the moment, while there is no deadline for the return of operations.

In this scenario of uncertainties, the company has not invested in new hires. But keeps its CV database updated through the e-recruitment system. If you are interested, please register your CV here.