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Samarco values people, because it knows that they are the ones who make the difference in allowing the achievement of objectives, goals and results. This is why we invest significantly in the selection, development and retaining of professionals.

We seek people who are motivated and committed to excellence, ethics and sustainability. People who can reinforce our existing team. This is becoming more and more necessary, since the market Samarco operates in is ever more demanding and competitive.

Since 2008, personnel recruitment has been carried out through our e-recruitment tool, which offers the Company total control over the selection process and a very efficient management of the CV database. E-recruitment has provided Samarco with more speed in finding the right candidate for the right job, monitoring the history of the personnel processes for possible use of professionals already evaluated before, as well as a qualitative analysis of the information, among other benefits.

In addition, the Company invests in skills development programs for the residents of neighboring communities, driving economic and social progress and contributing towards the insertion of this public in a very competitive labor market. At Samarco, there are opportunities available for all those who want to become part of our success and our history!!

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