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Samarco Mineração S.A. (“Samarco” or the “Company”) created this channel solely for the investors in debt securities obtains relevant information related to the Company’s operations and finances.

Restructuring of its financial debt
As set out in further detail in our January 28th Press Release, a copy of which is posted here to this website, Samarco entered into confidentiality agreements (the “Confidentiality Agreements”) with a subset of certain creditors, with the objective of restructuring its financial debt under certain of the Company’s export prepayment agreements and 4.125% Notes due 2022, 5.750% Notes due 2023, and/or 5.375% Notes due 2024, representing an aggregate principal amount of approximately US$3.8 billion. The parties exchanged written proposals and counterproposals, copies of which are posted here to this website.  As of January 28, 2019, no agreement has been reached with respect to a consensual restructuring.  The Company is making this disclosure in accordance with the terms of the Confidentiality Agreements.

Access to the documents below:

January 28, 2019 Press Release
January 9, 2019 Supporting Creditor Proposal
January 3, 2019 Email to HL, FTI, Dechert, Sidley Redacted_Redacted
December 28, 2018 Email to CC, JPM_Redacted
December 19, 2018 Samarco Counterproposal
December 3, 2018 Supporting Creditor Counterproposal
November 27, 2018 Meeting Materials Part II
November 27, 2018 Meeting Materials Part I_Redacted