Pelotas, Pátio de Estocagem de Ubu - 2014

Pellets, Ubu stockpile yard – 2014

Mission, Vision, and Values


Optimize the transformation of mineral resources into value for society, in a safe, efficient and innovative manner, today and in the future.



Be recognized for overcoming challenges and rebuilding social, environmental and economic relations.



Respect for people

We consider human life a non-negotiable value. We treat all people equally, not accepting discrimination of any sort and honoring the free expression of ideas and opinions.



We apply ourselves to compliance with laws and respect for moral principles, prioritizing dignity and ethics in our relations. We adopt an honest and transparent attitude towards all parties involved in our business operations.


Mobilization for results

We work in alignment with the guidelines, goals and objectives of the Company and its commitments to society, operating in a collaborative and systemic manner, employing high performance teams, in pursuit of the best global results for our business.



Safety concerns guide our conduct and our attitudes, based on a commitment to a broad and effective risk management. The belief in the importance of safety underlies all aspects of our business: financial, legal, operational, labor and environmental.