Samarco: commitment to the future


The recently granted Corrective Operational License (LOC) represents much more than the authorization to resume Samarco’s activities. It shows our commitment to society and to a new action model. Over the last four years, in which the company’s operations maintained paralyzed, we have made a thorough assessment and conducted numerous changes.

Our actions are guided by the lessons learned from the collapse of the Fundão dam, a fact that has impacted the lives of thousands of people and the environment, marking our history forever and which we will never forget. In this scenario, we move forward, assuming our responsibilities for reparation through the Renova Foundation.

Safety is a corporate value of Samarco. We have invested to improve our risk management, we have an integrated geotechnical structure monitoring system, a specialized team and more than 800 pieces of monitoring equipment for these structures, which are stable, according to independent external audits. We believe in planning and discipline, as well as the continuous pursuit of innovation and new technologies, supporting and working in conjunction with other mining companies, academia and startups, investing, for example, in solutions for reusing tailings and economic diversification.

Samarco’s trajectory is marked by challenges. The company emerged in the 1970s by transforming ore with low ferrous content into a product with high added value and was also a pioneer in Brazil using a pipeline, creating an integration between Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo by linking the two states to transport its products.

We know that Samarco will be back smaller and gradually, with 26% of its production capacity and social and financial commitments to be honored. We want to move forward with characteristics that Samarco has never lost: the dedication of our employees, the ability to engage with different audiences and the trust of our shareholders.

With these premises, we seek to comeback differently. Reinforcing our commitment and respect for people and the environment, even with the Corrective Operating License approved at the end of October, Samarco will only resume its activities after the implementation of a tailings disposal and treatment system, which includes the Alegria Sul Pit and filtration for dry stacking. The works to implement the new filtration plant should take about one year and, during this period, we will prepare our assets to resume operation.

The granted Corrective Operational License is the result of a transparent and participatory process, attended by about 2,500 people in public hearings, and which followed the legislative process. This points out that we are on the right of regaining the trust of society, which is an enormous challenge. We want to contribute to the future of mining in a safer and more responsible way. This is our commitment.

Rodrigo Vilela, CEO of Samarco