M-Start Demoday Cycle 2: Innovations for Safer Mining


Guilherme Louzada, Institutional Development Analyst at Samarco, and Sofia Fada, Founder of Kriativar

Last Thursday (Oct 7), the M-Start Demoday Cycle 2 of the Mining Hub was held, an event that presents member mining companies with solutions developed by startups to solve common problems in the sector. Altave and Kriativar, sponsored by Samarco, presented their proof of concepts for the challenges of border detection and innovation in social dialogue, respectively.

Addressing the safety and operational theme, Ismael Costa, electrician engineer graduated from the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) and executive director of Altave, shared the results of the sensing system that uses balloons integrated with mobile sensors and cameras for scanning border areas. The solution is based on three pillars – monitoring, connectivity and intelligence. The data obtained and the images recorded are sent to a security center and made available to interested companies.

“Our solution aims to ensure corporate security, avoiding the risk of theft of equipment and possible invasions, which may bring risks to employees and to the company,” explains Ismael. He also highlighted the positive impact of the system to reduce the average response time to detected events.

Ismael Costa, Altave Executive Director, and Amanda Lima, Samarco Corporate Security Management Analyst

Communication with community
Kriativar founder Sofia Fada has brought a fresh look to an important challenge in the mining sector: dialogue with communities. The startup presented a proposal that combines art, design, usability, storytelling, content and gamification – that is, the use of game-like elements to enrich contexts that they are normally not familiar with.

Kriativar has developed an application that uses geolocation associated with the achievement of virtual goals, to engage the community: with immersive technologies, awareness initiatives, including in schools, the promotion of prevention, which could be done with emergency mock drills.
The app, which is in its final stage of development, will help the residents of the towns to prepare for these mock drills for example, providing them with information on the escape routes. In addition, the “Bookmaker” was presented. It enables the co-creation of books and comic books with the participation of parents and teachers.

“Working with children generates family engagement and delivers value to society. We want to enhance the connection between people, education and creativity,” says Fada.

What is the Mining Hub?
Mining Hub is an initiative that brings together the mining sector, currently with 23 participating mining companies, Samarco being one of them, suppliers and startups. The objectives are to increase the interaction and collaboration among mining chain stakeholders, share knowledge and seek joint solutions to common challenges.