Miners from all over the country visit the Germano Complex to witness Samarco’ s lessons learned


Mining companies visit the Germano complex to meet Samarco's lessons

The main focus of the visit was the management and safety of the dams and the participants learned about the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and the Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (EAPMD) from up close. “This was an opportunity to share our experiences in the management of EAPMD, the AES alert and emergency system (sirens) and the carrying out of emergency simulations with communities, and thereby generating collective learning in emergency management processes.” said Samarco Infrastructure Coordinator Melissa Manger.

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The alert and emergency system has sirens installed in the dam areas and between the municipalities of Mariana and Barra Longa. Periodically, Samarco, in partnership with Civil Defense, performs simulations to prepare the community for an effective evacuation in case of need.

For the coordinator of the Mining Program of Ibram, Claudia Pellegrinelli, the visit was positive and the goal is to plan others. “The best lesson learned is that Samarco faced the difficulties and went after the solutions,” she said. Among the initiatives observed at the site, Claudia highlighted the CMI. In operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the monitoring system has about 650 high-tech pieces of equipment such as robotic station, laser scanner, millimeter precision radars and inclinometers that capture any variation in geotechnical structures.

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The sharing of obtained knowledge brought together representatives from more than 20 companies in the sector, among them ArcelorMittal, CSN Mineracao, Gerdau Mineracao, Usiminas and Vale. Representatives of Ibram and the Coal Extraction Industries Union of the State of Santa Catarina also participated.