Mining Hub receives visits from selected startups


Monday (02/11), marked the launch of M-Star, a platform for business opportunities and building relationships between mining companies, suppliers and innovative ventures such as startups, academic projects and tech companies. Mining Hub, the world’s first hub in this industry, received visits from the startups that were selected for this round of challenges. Startups will have to demonstrate the potential of each project and, and after that, the mining companies will have the opportunity to negotiate their deployment.

Samarco is one of the companies participating in the Mining Hub. This initiative is led by The Brazilian Mining Institute (Ibram) and includes the collaboration of accelerator Neo Ventures, large mining companies and other companies in the industry, besides startups, researchers and investors. The hub occupies one entire floor of the We Work office in Savassi. The project seeks to develop innovative solutions for five initial themes: Operational Efficiency; Water Management; Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Operational Safety; Tailings and Residue Management; and Alternative Energy Sources.

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