Residents of districts in Mariana participate in emergency drills



On Saturday, (September 1st) the communities of Bento Rodrigues, Camargos and Ponte do Gama participated in an emergency drill conducted by the State and Mariana Civil Defense, with Samarco’s support. The drill is part of the Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (PAEBM) of the Company, and has the objective of training the communities and the municipal authorities in how to respond to emergencies. The drill, which started at 8 am, had the participation of some 170 people, among residents, organizers and representatives of other interested companies.

There was also the participation of representatives of the Municipal Guard of Mariana, Military Police, Fire Department, Department of Prevention and Environmental Emergencies of the State Secretariat for Environment and Sustainability Development (SEMAD) and Fundação Renova.

During the drill, the sirens were sounded and the locals headed towards the specified community meeting points.

Throughout August, the Civil Defense of Mariana, together with Samarco, had held preliminary meetings with the residents of the communities to explain how the drills would be performed. A door to door mobilization also reinforced the communication work.

Forthcoming drills
During September, drills will also be held in Barra Longa (Tuesday the 18th) and in the districts of Paracatu de Cima, Paracatu de Baixo, Pedras, Borba, Campinas, Barreto and Gesteira (Saturday the 22nd).

Samarco’s dams are stable and are subject to 24/7 monitoring. Reports on the status of these structures are sent periodically to the competent authorities. A specialized technical team working with over 600 items of equipment, among them radars, accelerometers, robotic stations, inclinometers and drones, is in charge of the Company’s Monitoring and Inspection Center (CMI).

Simulado em Ponte do Gama - Credito Gustavo Rabelo

Ponte do Gama drill – credit Gustavo Rabelo