Muniz Freire community presented with study on fish of the Pardo River Basin


Fish catalog od pardo river basin

Last Wednesday (27), Management of the Environment Department of Samarco handed out an educational catalog, the result of a study carried out in the area of influence of the Muniz Freire Small Hydro Plant (Muniz Freire SHP) located in the Pardo River Basin in Espirito Santo. The work, initiated in 2016, is one of the conditions of the Operation License of the hydroelectric plant, which belongs to Samarco.

“We collected data on the fish fauna of the river, analyzing the abundance of species, biology, ecology and other characteristics of the fish in the basin where the SHP is located. This study is aimed at local people as well as researchers interested in knowing a little more about this group of animals so important to the aquatic environment,” explained environmental analyst Rodolfo Pessotti.

On March 27th, it was presented to the Municipal Environment Department of Muniz Freire and distributed to representatives of schools and the community. This happened on the Divino Espirito Square, where the Espirito Santo Sanitation Company (Cesan) organized an event in commemoration of World Water Day, in partnership with the Municipality of Muniz Freire. Copies will be sent to other public agencies and will also be available at the SHP for consultation by researchers and visitors.

To access the full study, click here.