Padre Fialho community participates in emergency drill


Next Sunday (27), the Municipal Civil Defense of Matipo will hold the first mock drill in the region with support of Samarco. The purpose of the exercise, which will take place in Padre Fialho, District of Matipo, near Samarco pumping station II, is to prepare the community how to respond in an emergency situation.

The mock drill follows the guidelines and procedures of Samarco’s Mining Dams Emergency Action Plan (PAEBM). The company supports the Municipal Civil Defense in the organization of the drill, providing infrastructure, vehicles, and through the involvement of employees and facilitators. Samarco’s pipeline passes through the Municipality of Matipo, in the District of Padre Fialho.

On October 22nd and 23rd, preparatory actions for the mock drill were carried out, which included the training of response agencies – Municipal Civil Defense of Matipo, Military Fire Department, Minas Gerais Military Police – and also a meeting with the Padre Fialho community at Maria Vicencia Brandao State School and a “table top simulation”, which helps in planning the resources needed for the mock drill.

The Municipal Civil Defense of Matipo is also assisted by Univertix College, which will carry out health prevention actions with the community on the day of the mock drill.

Permanent monitoring

Samarco’s dams remain stable, as indicated by the monitoring and assessments of specialized consultancies. Reports on the conditions of these structures are periodically sent to the competent bodies.

Currently, the monitoring system features about 840 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, such as: robotic and weather station, millimeter precision radars, laser scanner, cameras, drones, piezometers, accelerometers, river stations, water quality stations, flow meters, as well as a specialist technical team of about 50 people.