Samarco signs agreement with the Public Prosecution Service to accompany the resumption of operations



Samarco signed, on Monday (09/09), in Belo Horizonte, an agreement with the Public Prosecution Service of Minas Gerais (MPMG) with the purpose of monitoring the possible resumption of the operations of the company through an independent technical audit. The document states that the scope of the audit is to monitor the completion and operation of the Alegria Sul Pit Tailings Disposal System, the implementation of the dry tailings filtration and stacking system, as well as the projects to close the Germano dam and pit, among other activities.

Accordingly, the MPMG audit will also entail the environmental monitoring that is part of the Corrective Operational Licensing (LOC), a process necessary for the resumption of the company’s operations.

The independent technical audit services will be funded by Samarco.

Operational Resumption

Samarco is working hard to restart its operations gradually, without the use of a tailings dam and with the implementation of a tailings disposal and treatment system. This system includes dry stacking filtration, which corresponds to 80% of the generated tailings, and the Alegria Sul Pit, which will receive the remaining 20%. The operational resumption depends on obtaining the Corrective Operational Licensing (LOC) for the Germano Complex in Mariana, which is under analysis by the Minas Gerais State Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad). It is expected that the works for implementing the filtration plant will be completed within 12 months after obtaining the LOC.

The entire process for Samarco’ s operational resumption is being duly evaluated by the competent bodies.