Samarco receives employees’ family members at the Germano Unit


Through the Open Doors Program, the company presents initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety of the structures and new solutions to resume operations.

On Thursday (9/5), Samarco received some of the employees’ relatives in the Germano Complex in Mariana. The group participated in the first visit of the Open Doors Program, organized by the company to present the initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety of the geotechnical structures of the mining company, in a transparent way, to its employees and their families. The action is also an opportunity to clarify on the new solutions that Samarco is adopting to resume operation in a more responsible and safer way.

The group was welcomed by Samarco employees, who were the guides of the visits. The group learned more about the initiatives and works carried out to reinforce the remaining structures of the dams and the Integrated Security System, which includes 24/7 monitoring, seven days a week. Visitors were presented with more information on the company’s proposal for resumption of operations and went to Cava de Alegria Sul, the site that is to receive the tailings when the company resumes its activities.



Samarco will resume its operations gradually, initially with 26% of its productive capacity. In addition, it will adopt new technologies, which will bring more safety and less environmental impact, and a filtering system, which will allow for dry stacking. The whole process for the resumption of activities is being accompanied by the competent bodies.

The family members of the employees approve the Samarco initiative. For Adriana de Fatima Valadares, wife of one of the employees of the Automation area, the visit was important to show the work being developed by the company. “My husband has been working here for 27 years and I, as a family member, in a certain way follow what is being done. What we observed during the visit didn’t surprise me at all, because I never doubted that the company was going to recognize the impact of the dam collapse and work hard to recover. I’m sure the company will resume operation,” said Adriana.