Today it is three years since the Fundão dam failed


The 5th of November will always be sadly remembered in our history and in the lives of many people. Not a day goes by without our recalling this date, and this has driven us to do things differently based upon the lessons learned.

Fundação Renova is the institution that is empowered to repair, restore and rebuild the impacted regions.
This process is ongoing with the participation of the population, experts and government officials, seeking the joint development of solutions for all those affected by the event.

We at Samarco try each day to resignify this incident.
Our commitment to society is to resume our operations with the utmost safety and thus start contributing again to the regions where we operate.

Ever since the event, we have rethought and prepared the organization, improving our processes, implementing new solutions and pursuing continuous evolution.
Our vision of the future involves rebuilding our social, environmental and economic relations, aware that this will require a lot of effort and trust.