In October 2016, the environmental licenses of the Germano Complex (MG) were suspended. In order for them become effective again and for Samarco to be able to resume its operations in the future, the company was required by the State Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMAD) to develop a Corrective Operating Licensing (LOC) process.

The LOC process was scheduled for a vote by the Chamber of Mining Activities (CMI) of the State Council for Environmental Policy (COPAM), at its regular meeting on October 25, when Samarco's Corrective Operating License was approved.

Samarco is in the final phases of a lengthy procedure to obtain the Corrective Operating License (LOC), which has had the participation of several players, such as civil society, government authorities and regulatory bodies.

Operational restart will be gradual, without the use of a tailings containment dam, and will take place only after the implementation of a dry stacking tailings disposal and treatment system, which involves the Alegria Sul pit and filtration. Financial resources required for the construction of the filtration plant are subject to shareholder approval. The installation of the filtration system is expected to take about 12 months.

Samarco is aware that doing things differently requires determination and effort. Only like this, open to transparent and purposeful dialogue, will it be possible to restart its operations, transforming mineral resources into value for society. We seek to rebuild trust relationships, always focused on our values: respect for people, integrity, mobilization for results and safety.