Screening - Concentrator 3, Germano 2014


Samarco’s approach with regard its supply chain has been to always seek to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the regions influenced by its business. We look for suppliers who are committed to ethics, transparency, sustainability and valuation of human resources.

The highly challenging scenario we have faced after the failure of the Fundão dam has reinforced our relationship policies with our supply chain. Our procurement base was redirected to the execution of emergency and management programs. At the same time, it was necessary to enforce compliance with the criteria used to select the companies with which we do business. This strengthened our compliance rules, which are present in all activities which involve our suppliers.

We keep a database of all suppliers of consumables, services and materials essential to our needs, where we contemplate local businesses. We insist that our suppliers must be aligned with our Integrated Management Policy and meet the criteria of compliance, quality, cost, as well as health, occupational safety and environmental rules.


Supplier groups

We work based on the principle of reciprocity in the relationship with our suppliers. As such, it is essential that all actions carried out by Samarco also be part of the reality of the suppliers.

This is why the companies undergo a process of verification before they are contracted. Subsequently, when the contract is in effect, we perform frequent evaluations and visits to monitor and assure compliance and development of our suppliers.


Supplier information form

To be on our supplier list, it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

• Be in good standing with regard to all legal obligations, including tax, social security, labor, social and environmental
• Behave in an ethical and moral manner towards all stakeholders (employees, service providers, community, customers and suppliers)
• Commit to adopting human rights principles, including not using child or slave-like labor
• Learn and implement proactively the principles of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management

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