Pelotas, Pátio de Estocagem de Ubu - 2014

Pellets, Ubu stockpile yard – 2014


Samarco produces pellets made of ultrafine iron ore obtained through a beneficiation process. Pelletizing involves the compression or molding of these particles into small spheres which vary between 8 and 18 mm in diameter.

The pellets are used mainly to feed the blast furnaces of steel plants. As they have a higher concentration of iron, their physical/chemical properties render the steel-making process more efficient. The steel is used in the construction of bridges, airplanes, buildings, electronic products, cars, home appliances, among others.

During the pelletizing process, constant quality tests are performed to assure the delivery of the performance and stability required by the client. In addition, Samarco has the advantage of having an integrated production process, from mine to port, guaranteeing high production efficiency and low operational costs.

Samarco also has its own marketing structure in Brazil and abroad. Thus its sales offices can negotiate directly with the user client, without the participation of intermediaries.

Samarco operations have been suspended since November 2015, right after Fundão collpase.